Monday, February 25, 2019

Trials Rising review - a lavish return to form for the series

It is with great pleasure, a brimming heart and the jittery edge of someone whose adrenaline has been depleted over the course of several late night sessions that I can report this: Trials is back.

Maybe you hadn't noticed it's been away. There have been two entries this generation, after all, but both of them lacked that spark the all-important spark that made RedLynx's series so beloved; Fusion's aesthetic proved anaemic and felt more of a regression than meaningful progress, and let's just pretend the risible Trials of the Blood Dragon never happened.

Trials Rising finds that flame and then some; this is a rekindling of the series that lavishes the formula with love, attention and production values the like of which the series hasn't seen before (and also introduces a thin veneer of bullshit that's thankfully fairly easy to ignore - but we can get to that later). Most importantly, it doubles down on what makes Trials special.

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