Friday, March 20, 2020 March 20, 2020 at 01:00AM - The Double-A Team: Unit 13 was a great game hidden in camo

I will always love the Vita: that beautiful screen, that oddball touchpad on the back, those lovely floating triggers. Most of all the Vita had such excellent games - a Double-A paradise. Gravity Rush was a dream of movement and landscape. Wipeout was the future of yesterday handled with care. And Unit 13? Unit 13 was a secretly great game, if you looked past the surface stuff.

For one thing: Unit 13. Not the most thrilling of names. It sounds, in fact, like the Halloween episode of Storage Hunters. Then there's the Unit themselves - a bunch of dusty hardnuts decked out with rifles and shotguns and laser sites and all that Clancy jazz.

But then you play the game. Cor! The Vita's screen offers a little window onto a world, and here the world is perfectly sized for it. The maps are complex but not too big, the odds are stacked but not overwhelmingly so, and the whole thing is designed with a commute in mind: in and out, kill everyone and still make it off the bus at the right stop.

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