Sunday, March 22, 2020 March 22, 2020 at 01:00AM - Even without Alyx, Half-Life's VR legacy is written in stone

There's a sense Half-Life Alyx will be VR's moment in the sun, the "killer-app" that Halo was to Xbox or that Shenmue should have been for the Dreamcast. Assuming Valve don't fluff it (which, let's face it, is unlikely) Alyx will be the point the industry looks back on as when VR became more than an expensive curiosity.

But it would be a shame if the history books ended up written that way. Not because I have doubts about Alyx, or that another game should be in its place, but because Half-Life's influence on VR gaming is already notable. Half-Life: Alyx isn't so much a first step as something Valve has been building toward for a long time.

I've been interested in VR since the beginning, eagerly picking up an Oculus Rift development kit when they were made commercially available in 2014. Frankly, I was a little too eager. At that time, the available dedicated VR experiences were limited to a handful of free tech-demos (because, you know, they were developer kits). But a few already- developed games offered hacky VR support, and one of those was Half Life 2.

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