Monday, March 23, 2020 March 23, 2020 at 01:00AM - The Flower Collectors is Hitchcock in Barcelona

Games and Hitchcock belong together, I reckon. This should probably not be that surprising. Hitchcock is the epitome of the commercial director - his movies are all solid box office. And yet he's also so inventive. Each film often seems like an attempt to explore a distinct structural or formal problem of some kind. Single-shot movies? Rope! Kill off the main character early on? Psycho! (Sorry if that counts as a spoiler.)

What I love about Hitchcock is that he's sort of a designer as much as a director. And of course this being Hollywood, I mean that he worked as a designer along with his writers and camera people and actors and all that jazz. Anyway. Hitchcock. Games. Yes pls.

What happy news, then, that The Flower Collectors is coming out soon, and headed for Steam. The Flower Collectors is Rear Window - can you film a thriller that takes place largely in a single room, with a hero in a wheelchair? - but transported to Barcelona in 1977. A potent setting. Franco is dead and Spain's first free elections since the civil war are about to take place. Jorge is a retired policeman who's trying to unravel a mystery - with the help of an acquaintance - while he sits in his wheelchair in his apartment.

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