Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Eurogamer.net: March 24, 2020 at 05:00AM - The big Half-Life interview

It actually happened. A new Half-Life game is out in the wilds, and it's a pretty fine one too. Alyx took some 13 years to arrive, though of course it wasn't the only time Valve meddled with a follow-up to its much-loved series in that time - and it certainly seems like it won't be the last. Just ahead of Half-Life: Alyx's release we spoke to game designer Robin Walker and level designer Corey Peters about the long and winding road Half-Life has taken to its return, and what possibly lies in wait for the series.

I'd like to rewind to how the project started. I'm sure you're well aware there's been a lot of anticipation and excitement about a Half-Life game for quite some time - you might have seen that around in the few years since Episode Two. How did this project get off the ground within Valve?

Robin Walker: It started because we wanted to work on a VR game, and we were looking at what we felt was the biggest problem facing VR as a platform - we felt like there'd been a lot of technology investment that was moving rapidly and improving in lots of ways. As we often do, we found ourselves looking forward a few years in the future and asking what's the biggest problem we'll be facing - and what could we do to help?

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