All of the iterations of #OurMischief:

All of the iterations of #OurMischief:




How to properly use:

#OurMischief is to be used when collectively addressing WitWGARA members in a possessive way.

EXAMPLE: "I/We would like #OurMischief to say hello to our new members!"

#WitWGARAsMischief is used when speaking in a General/Global context, like reffering to WitWGARA Members to other people or groups.

EXAMPLE: "#WitWGARAsMischief is an awesome community to be a part of!"

#WittysMischief is to refer to the Fans of our Mascot "Witty"; "The Rat who's @$$ everyone wants to give!"
A rat with an attitude, but still actually cares (but won't admit it). Some of this characters personality was given a voice Through "Wittiford 'The Pitty' Pitbull" in a one off first episode designed to be a a pilot episode for a series of "children's edutainment" styled show for adults.

This is used both Globally/Generally and in a possessive way.

EXAMPLE #1: #WittysMischief is the home of the true Fans!

EXAMPLE: We want #WittysMischief to be the best group of Rat Fans ever!

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