Sunday, January 7, 2024

Did I made a new song?

Did I make a new song with #tiktok #musicpainter #strangerthings #witwgara Nobody under 30 will understand... "Never Gonna Give You Up - The Misheard Version, the lyrics of the song "Never Gonna Give You Up" are intentionally misheard and jumbled, resulting in a humorous and nonsensical version. They acknowledges that phrases like "get you up" and "his" instead of "give you up" and "hurt you" indicate a misunderstanding of the correct lyrics. However, it notes that the misheard version adds a comedic twist to the well-known song. #trolling #rickroll Fbi_pro9_vr ► Rick Astley @Rick Astley @Fbi_pro9_vr #troll never gonna give you up #tiktok This is not your typical Rick Roll... see if you catch it 😜🤣 We are Media Creators! Videos, Images/Memes, Audio/Music, Voices. All things Geek & Nerd Culture; from Gaming, Anime, Sci-Fi, Snacks/Drinks/Food, Challenges, Satire/Parodies, How To, and other “Experimental” forms of entertainment! ” Who in the World Gives a Rats @$$! “ It is a way of saying that all of us Geeks, Nerds, and Weirdo’s really don’t care if you give a $#!T or not :p We are going to post what we want, about anything and everything we want (while still conforming to TOS). ^_^ – DARGON We have a great fan base so far! We appreciate all of you! Whether you tell us what you like or what you would like to see us do more of ^_^ You can Help Us Entertain You!! – Please check out our Social Media Profiles: TWITTER ► FACEBOOK ► INSTAGRAM ► – Gaming & Streaming Profiles: Game Jolt ► ► Steam ► – Creators Personal Profiles: DARGON ► Join Us on Discord! ► – Our “Influancer” Profiles: Webfluential ► Social Bluebook ► Search “WitWGARA” on Google FOR MORE!