Tuesday, February 20, 2024

The "Just Wrong" Marty nez? Cocktail |Technically Dry, but Sweet "Just Wrong" Marty nez? Cocktail Technically Dry, but Sweet, Both Gin & Vodka... 3/4oz NewAmsterdam Gin 3/4oz Ukrainian Vodka Pinch of Salt 1 Barspoon Sweet Vermouth 4 Kalamato Olive Put a Bar Spoon of Sweet Vermouth in a frosty Coupe. Glass Prep a Scewer with 4 Kalamato Olives and place it in the glass. In a Mixing Glass add 3/4oz Gin, 3/4oz Vodka, and a pinch of salt to 3/4 cup of ice, and stir for 30sec. Strain into Prepped @witwgara Glass with Joulip Strainer. WitWGARA, was created by DARGON and EcchiTenshi, We produce a variety of content, including videos, images/memes, audio/music, voices, and other forms of media. We've recently reached 70,000 views, which is a significant milestone for any creator! Our content is often described as being humorous, creative, and sometimes a bit strange. We have a large following of people who enjoy Our work across multiple Platforms. If you're looking for something to watch that's a little different from the usual, We recommend checking out Our content. WitWGARA means ”Who in the World Gives a Rats @$$!“ - It is a way of saying that all of us Geeks, Nerds, and Weirdo’s really don’t care if you give a $#!7 or not :p We are going to post what we want, about anything and everything we want (while still conforming to TOS). ^_^ – DARGON If we make you laugh, disturb, confuse or inform you, than we have done our job!