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80 Days developer Inkle is on fine form in Heaven's Vault ⠀ ⠀ Heaven's Vault doesn't look like much to begin with. It feels simple and sparse. The graphic novel idea - illustrated 2D characters in a rendered… - from

80 Days developer Inkle is on fine form in Heaven's Vault ⠀ ⠀ Heaven's Vault doesn't look like much to begin with. It feels simple and sparse. The graphic novel idea - illustrated 2D characters in a rendered…

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February 28, 2019 at 07:49PM

80 Days developer Inkle is on fine form in Heaven’s Vault...

80 Days developer Inkle is on fine form in Heaven’s Vault

Heaven’s Vault doesn’t look like much to begin with. It feels simple and sparse. The graphic novel idea - illustrated 2D characters in a rendered…
February 28, 2019 at 07:30PM

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Is Anthem performance really improved in the final game? ⠀ ⠀ Yes, Anthem's day one patch has indeed addressed many of the performance issues and oddities found in the console versions of the game, but despit… - from

Is Anthem performance really improved in the final game? ⠀ ⠀ Yes, Anthem's day one patch has indeed addressed many of the performance issues and oddities found in the console versions of the game, but despit…

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February 28, 2019 at 04:49PM

Is Anthem performance really improved in the final game?...

Is Anthem performance really improved in the final game?

Yes, Anthem’s day one patch has indeed addressed many of the performance issues and oddities found in the console versions of the game, but despit…
February 28, 2019 at 04:15PM

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Ubisoft details The Division 2's first year of free content updates

The Division 2's launch on Xbox One, PS4, and PC is only a few weeks away and, in preparation, Ubisoft has detailed the game's first year of free post-launch content updates.

In a masterstroke of imagination, Ubisoft is calling The Division 2's first year of content updates Year 1 - and this will bring a combination of new features, new episodes, and new specialisations, all free to all players.

Soon after launch, The Division 2 will introduce a new Black Tusk Faction Stronghold known as Tidal Basin, alongside Operation Dark Hours, the series' first 8-player raid.

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Stick it to the Man dev's adorable VR puzzle-adventure Ghost Giant is out in April

Developer Zoink Games - the studio behind Stick it to the Man, Fe, and Flipping Death - has announced that its adorable virtual reality puzzle-adventure Ghost Giant will launch on PSVR on April 16th.

Ghost Giant - a collaboration between Zoink and Swedish writer Sara Bergmark Elfgren - tells the story of Louis, a young boy living on a sunflower farm, on the outskirts of town, with his mother. "Life isn't always that easy though," explains Zoink, "and Louis is incredibly lonely". That's where you, in the role of the titular Ghost Giant, come in.

Ghost Giant is somewhat reminiscent of last year's wonderful VR adventure Moss. As in that game, players are cast as a towering, omnipotent presence, able to manipulate the world around them in order to assist their tiny charge - in this case Louis.

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Cultist Simulator's card-based cosmic horror coming to iOS and Android this "spring"

Developer Weather Factory has announced that its enigmatic, occasionally impenetrable cosmic card oddity, Cultist Simulator, will be heading to iPhone, iPad, and Android devices this "spring".

Cultist Simulator, which released on PC last year, is designed by Alexis Kennedy, creator of Fallen London and Sunless Sea. Like those games, it's fascinating stuff, but not an easy game to categorise - although, at a push, I guess you could call it a card-based, narrative-driven survival strategy rogue-like adventure of unfathomable horrors. Maybe.

The general idea is that, each game, you select your character's humble origins - from put-upon detective or harried physician to exotic dancer or care-free socialite with an artistic streak - then, while still juggling your everyday responsibilities, must delve into the occult.

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Pauline joins the Mario Tennis Aces line-up tomorrow

Nine months after its debut on Switch, Mario Tennis Aces' free post-launch support thunders on, with Pauline waiting in the wings to join as a new playable character tomorrow. And we know who's coming next now, too.

Pauline, first seen in 1981's Donkey Kong and better known as Mayor of New Donk City these days, is the tenth playable character to be added to Mario Tennis Aces post-launch (and the 25th character in total), following on from Boom Boom, Koopa Troopa, Blooper, Diddy Kong, Birdo, Koopa Paratroopa, Shy Guy, Petey Piranha, and Luma.

Out on the court, Pauline is considered a Speedy-type character, which, as you might imagine, means she's a nimble soul, able to move around at a fairer lick than other types. However, Speedy characters, which include Toad, Yoshi, Diddy Kong, and Koopa Trooper, usually feature reduced power or reach by way of balance.

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Review: Reese's Thins

Thin is evidently in, with thinner versions of Oreos and Chips Ahoy appearing in recent years, so why not a thin one to go along with the 71 other kinds of Reese's?The Thins came as individually wrapped pieces in a large bag. ...

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by February 28, 2019 at 07:28AM

Resident Evil HD, 0 and 4 on Nintendo Switch cost £30 each

Capcom has been criticised for the pricing of Resident Evil HD, 0 and 4 on Nintendo Switch.

As revealed on the Switch eShop today, each game costs £29.99. This is much higher than fans were expecting - and much higher than the same games on other consoles.

Resident Evil 4, for example, costs £15.99 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It's almost twice that on Nintendo Switch.

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Review: Wanted with Caramel

These snacks were a lot like turtles, concealing a caramel interior inside milk chocolate, but instead of the fairly random shapes typical of turtles, they were shaped like a bunch of large bubbles, or an oversized raspberry or blackberry. ...

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by February 28, 2019 at 06:12AM

Review: Oreo Milkshake de Fresa

This packet contained four Oreos, with the conventional size of cookies and a pale pink filling that seemed to be thinner than the standard single-stuff filling that we're accustomed to. ...

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by February 28, 2019 at 05:44AM

BioWare makes crucial improvements to Anthem loot mechanics

Who loves loot? Silly question - we all love loot, but Anthem has recently come under fire for not giving players enough of it. That could be about to change, however, as a number of tweaks could see the game become slightly less stingy over its goodies.

Following a bizarre day when Anthem's loot temporarily became very generous (a mistake quickly reversed via patch), BioWare pledged to take another look at the loot mechanics and potentially make some changes.

In a post on Reddit, lead producer Ben Irving has now explained how some of these adjustments will work following the next patch (arriving sometime today or tomorrow).

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Plague Inc. dev to add anti-vaxxers to the game after petition goes viral

The developer of Plague Inc. will add anti-vaxxers to the game after an online petition went viral.

Plague Inc. is a 2012 real-time strategy simulation game that sees the player create and evolve a pathogen as they try to destroy the world with a deadly plague.

An online petition to add anti-vaxxers as a buff to Plague Inc. caught developer Ndemic Creations' eye, and the developer tweeted to say if the petition got 10,000 signatures, it would add a specific anti-vaxxer scenario to the game.

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There's a new D&D-inspired comic called Die, and you should read it

Do you remember the 1980s Dungeons & Dragons cartoon, the one where a bunch of kids went on a D&D fairground ride which magically transported them into a D&D fantasy world? (Didn't happen at my local fair, I tell you.) They became characters in the game: a boy barbarian, the hunky teenage ranger, the nerdy wizard... It looked like fun. But those kids, they never found a way out. Every episode for three seasons they searched to no avail, and then the series abruptly ended, incomplete. They were trapped. It's like someone locked the Narnia cupboard. The kids were never seen again. What happened to them?

(The final episode of the Dungeons & Dragons TV show was written, incidentally, but never filmed. You can read it online. I shan't spoil it!)

'What happened to them?' It bounced around Kieron Gillen's head one night at dinner. I'm sure you've heard of him. He used to write about video games - on Eurogamer even! Then he co-founded Rock, Paper, Shotgun, and then he became an acclaimed writer in the comic world, working for Marvel before co-creating his excellent The Wicked + The Divine series. It was the fate of the D&D kids Gillen was wondering about when suddenly an idea hit him and he apparently burst into tears. And lo, his new comic series, Die, was born.

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Alien Isolation's cutscenes are now an official digital series

Here's an odd one: Alien: Isolation's cutscenes are now an official digital series.

20th Century fox has taken the cutscnes from Creative Assembly's superb 2014 stealth horror game, added to them and packaged them into a seven episode digital series that kicks off today on IGN.

Spliced together are cinematics taken from the game, first-person scenes from the game that were re-shot and edited for the series, and new scenes.

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Fortnite season 8 roars into action with pirate cannons and a volcano

Happy Fortnite day (again)! Season 8 is here, and with it the patch notes detailing what players can expect from the upcoming season of Fortnite.

If you've been following the teasers released over the past week, you'll have guessed season 8 is all about pirates - and the new trailer reveals the narrative is following some sort of three-way battle between the Ice King, the Prisoner and a pirate crew (backed up by a couple of Fishsticks). Here's the official cinematic trailer to get you hyped:

So, what is season 8 bringing in terms of gameplay changes?

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Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Barebones playlist lets you play without specialists

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 will get a Barebones playlist with no specialists, Treyarch has announced.

Confirmation comes from the first in a planned series of developer update videos from Treyarch.

Specialists are the name given to the various soldiers you can pick from when playing multiplayer. Each has its own unique equipment and ability, which run on a cooldown. Battery, for example, has a cluster grenade as her unique equipment, and a grenade launcher for her ability. Firebreak's equipment, meanwhile, is the Reactor Core, while his ability is a flamethrower.

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Devil Engine review - an assured, satisfying shmup for Switch

Chunk. It's a hard quality to nail down, though it's something imperative to the best action games. It's also something you've either got or you haven't - and Devil Engine, the new horizontal 2D shmup that's just come to the Switch, has it in spades.

How to define that, exactly? There's chunk in the explosions, mostly, quick-sprouting cauliflowers that fizz and boom with grace. Shooting things feels just great in Devil Engine, a small but significant thing when playing a game like this, of course. Being shot feels pretty grand too - the best explosion in Devil Engine is saved for when your own ship is downed, which is quite the generous touch considering how often that will happen.

There's chunk in the artwork too, boldly realised and brilliantly brought to life; this is a 2D shmup that finds a medium between the more stately compose of older classics such as Gradius and R-Type and the more modern bustle of bullet hell games such as DoDonPachi, so it seems apt that its art-style feels like a powered-up version of those vintage 80s vistas, its starfields and spaceships brought to life with a muscular fidelity. As a devotee of the classics, I wouldn't go as far as to say Devil Engine looks better than them - just that it feels like they share that vision, and have been ushered to life with the help of a little more grunt. It's as if someone just discovered an unreleased Saturn shooter, developed by some of the finest minds at Irem and Konami in the 90s, and just ported it to Switch.

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Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Warframe's Nightwave is a new series of pirate-radio-themed limited-time events

Developer Digital Extremes has launched Nightwave, Warframe's new series of pirate-radio-themed, Battle-Pass-style limited-time events - available now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Switch, and PC.

Nightwave, which replaces Warframe's previous Alerts system, takes the form of different story-driven Series, each playing out over the course of several weeks. Series are tied together by broadcasts from pirate radio station Nightwave, presented by Nora Night ("the eyes and ears of the Origin System"), and the first of these, The Wolf of Saturn, is out now.

By completing daily and weekly challenges - referred to as Acts - throughout a series, players can increase their standing with Nora and raise up the Reward Tiers. Each series will feature 30 tiers, and each tier unlocks limited-time rewards, including power items, exclusive cosmetics, or currency called Wolf Cred. It is, in other words, similar to the Battle Pass systems popularised by the likes of Fortnite and Rocket League, albeit free.

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Review: Sweet Smiles Select Milk Chocolate Pretzel Bar

This large, thin bar had a 5x2 grid of sections, with a cocoa bean design atop each section. ...

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Capcom's Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy is out in April

Capcom has announced that the Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy will be coming to Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Switch, and PC on April 9th.

Phoenix Wright, for those unfamiliar, started life on the GBA in 2001, and found fame in the west after it was ported to DS in 2005. The main series follows the (literal) trials and tribulations of the titular defence attorney, and offers a compelling mix of visual-novel-style storytelling and twisty-turny case-solving - split between crime-scene investigation and deductive courtroom cross-examination.

To date, six core Phoenix Wright games have been released, as well as spin-offs focussing on other characters - and there's even been a crossover with Professor Layton too.

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Xbox Games With Gold for March includes Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

Microsoft has revealed the titles it's bestowing upon Xbox Live Gold members in March, as part of its regular Games with Gold promotion. These include Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, and Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2.

Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 released on Xbox One in 2016, and is a spin-off of developer PopCop's celebrated tower defence mobile phone series. Like its direct predecessor, Garden Warfare 2 is a class-based third-person shooter, and is really rather good, offering an assortment of 12-versus-12 multiplayer modes, plus a whole bunch of slickly produced, and highly entertaining, solo diversions.

Eurogamer contributor Jon Denton liked it a lot in his review, calling it "a deeper, more satisfying and consistently entertaining game than Star Wars Battlefront even" - although a few (long since fixed) balancing issues initially held it back.

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Devotion developer calls for calm as fallout from China Winnie the Pooh poster goes from bad to worse ⠀ ⠀ The developer of Steam hit Devotion has called for calm as the controversy surrounding an in-game att… - from

Devotion developer calls for calm as fallout from China Winnie the Pooh poster goes from bad to worse ⠀ ⠀ The developer of Steam hit Devotion has called for calm as the controversy surrounding an in-game att…

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February 27, 2019 at 08:50AM

PS Plus' games for March are Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered, The Witness

Sony has unveiled the selection of games it will be dolloping into the laps of PlayStation Plus subscribers in March - and it's a strong showing, despite being the first month that Vita and PlayStation 3 titles aren't included.

First out of the gate is Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered, the 2016 spruce-up of Infinity Ward's revered 2007 shooter. As Digital Foundry explained at launch, the word 'remastered' does the experience something of a disservice, with developer Raven Software's work on the game much closer to a a fully-fledged remake.

"While its shooting might feel creaky," said Eurogamer contributor Nathan Ditum, "Modern Warfare's ability to inject meaningful moments into its action still feels remarkable. There's a sense of wonderful craft here, of minute and imaginative design, from the small bits of chatter that constantly flow during missions, to the grandstanding set pieces that define Modern Warfare. The standout moments are so numerous it's hard to really call them standout."

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Devotion developer calls for calm as fallout from China Winnie...

Devotion developer calls for calm as fallout from China Winnie the Pooh poster goes from bad to worse

The developer of Steam hit Devotion has called for calm as the controversy surrounding an in-game att…
February 27, 2019 at 08:00AM

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Celebrate Pokémon Day with 25% off merch and accessories at the Nintendo Store

Now that we know all about the upcoming Pokémon Sword and Shield thanks to today's welcome but brief Direct broadcast, the Official Nintendo Store is looking to capitalise on the excitement by offering a whole range of Pokémon goodies at 25% off.

Perhaps the most timely of these deals is this Pikachu-themed Nintendo Switch Battle Pad for £18.74. One for the Smash Bros. Ultimate players out there, this version of the classic Gamecube controller is fully compatible with the Nintendo Switch and plugs straight into the USB port on the console.

Sticking with the Nintendo Switch, you can also get a couple of carry cases as part of the sale. There's the Pokémon: Let's Go, Pikachu and Eevee Hard Pouch for £14.99 or the Poké Ball Hard Pouch for £14.99 too.

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Pokémon Sword and Shield set in England-inspired region, due this year

Pokémon's eighth generation has been revealed. Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield will launch on Nintendo Switch in late 2019, and be set within a fictional version of England named Galar.

In today's all-too-brief presentation, The Pokémon Company gave us our first glimpse at the games and some of their Pokémon.

Starters include a fire rabbit Scorbunny, a water tadpole lizard Sobble capable of invisibility and a grass-type monkey Grookey.

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"I do not condone child pornography, white supremacy, or racism"

Last night, THQ Nordic PR and marketing director Philipp Brock hosted an open AMA discussion on 8chan, an imageboard blocked by Google for hosting child sex abuse images, and well known for its acceptance of hate speech and abuse.

Brock used the official THQ Nordic Twitter account to invite fans of the publisher's franchises - series like Darksiders and de Blob as well as recently-acquired properties like Kingdoms of Amalur and TimeSplitters - to the site, where he promptly began answering questions.

One 8chan user asked Brock about "lolis" - referring to drawn images of sexualised children. Accompanying the post was an illustration of two girls having their breasts touched by an adult man. "You got them already we'd say," Brock responded.

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Super Smash Bros. Melee absent from Evo 2019 line-up

For the first time in six years, Super Smash Bros. Melee will not be gracing the main stage of this year's Evo, as the game has been dropped from the tournament's line-up.

A game Nintendo amusingly described as "too difficult", Super Smash Bros. Melee has been a staple of fighting game tournaments since its release on GameCube nearly 18 years ago. Last night Evo's organisers revealed the 2019 line-up in a livestream, along with a thank you video for Melee to honour its contributions to the tournament over the years. Judging by this farewell eulogy, it sounds like Melee's exclusion may be pretty final.

So, what's replacing this bastion of the fighting game community? The Smash contingent is now represented by Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, while big names like Soul Calibur 6 and Mortal Kombat 11 will also be present. But Evo has also selected a couple of more unusual choices, such as Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late[st]. Alongside having a weird name, this title is also a relatively obscure 2D fighter made by Ecole Software and French-Bread.

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Devotion review - short, smart 1980s apartment horror that channels the spirit of PT

Devotion is about coming home, time and again, and never quite arriving. A perfectly insidious horror game from Detention developer Red Candle, it follows the plight of a troubled young family - mother, father, daughter - over seven years in a single, cramped apartment in 1980s Taiwan. Beyond the prologue, in which your character awakens from a daze on the living room sofa, you'll be able to explore three incarnations of the apartment side by side - three intricate studies of domestic life, feeding off from a hall where photos slowly cover noticeboards like multiplying lichen. Your task for much of the game is to make the connections between these spaces and timeframes, restoring the patchy memories linked to those photos and (so you hope) entering into a "flawless present". The problem, of course, is that few of those memories are pleasant, and many of them are out to get you in turn.

Playing in the first-person, you tip-toe about with a lighter shivering in your fist, picking up objects and applying them to other objects according to simple clues scribbled in the margins of journals or photos. As in Konami's PT, a short-form masterpiece that continues to bedevil designers years after it was removed from sale, you must reckon with both a nasty abundance of blindspots and the apartment's habit of shape-shifting when out of view. The interior design lacks PT's relentless focus, following its corridor around and around as though rewinding a cassette until the tape disintegrates, but there are moments of unease here to equal anything in a horror game north of 2000. The best horror is about doing a lot with a little - a viscous exhalation on the edge of hearing, a skewing of perspective that chases all warmth from a room - and Devotion's deceptively small layout is a mass of stiletto touches that gradually take you apart.

Consider the hall between the living room and the master bedroom. Sometimes it appears unremarkable save for a faulty light that flickers far too rhythmically, taunting with the thought of what might stutter into motion during each metronomic slice of darkness. Sometimes the plaster is crowded with crayon doodles: sausage-string children waving trophies, cats with crimson lamprey jaws. In each case, the scariest prospect is simply rounding the corner beneath that flickering light to see what has become of the bedroom. Elsewhere, the problem is seeing too much at once, not being able to compartmentalise your dread. It's perilously easy, for instance, to glance through from the living room into one of the bedrooms and spot something you're not quite ready to deal with, not just yet. There's no combat in Devotion, and no player death as such, but there are plenty of creatures and objects you'll want to stay away from. A red umbrella ripening in mid-air, as playfully incongruous as one of Pennywise's balloons. A wooden mannequin stooped over a kitchen counter, vegetable knife in hand.

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Here's Johnny Cage in Mortal Kombat 11

NetherRealm has revealed Johnny Cage for Mortal Kombat 11.

IGN has the Johnny Cage reveal trailer, which shows how the Mortal Kombat veteran looks in the upcoming fighting game.

We can see Cage's trademark green energy blob fireballs and green-infused flash kicks. He's also got some eye-catching new moves that tie in to Cage being a Hollywood action star. One move sees a stunt-double hold his opponent, leaving them powerless to prevent a trademark Cage punch to the balls.

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How Hades brings Greek mythology into the modern day

Supergiant's Hades is in many ways a departure from the studio's earlier work. Unlike Bastion, Transistor, or Pyre, it's a roguelike dungeon crawler, and it's also the first of the team's games to be put out in early access.

One thing that ties all of Supergiant's work together, though, is a strong narrative. Hades' protagonist is Zagreus, a blurry member of the Greek pantheon who is seen only through fragmentary texts that identify him as the son of Hades, lord of the underworld. (He may have later been merged with the myth of the god of wine, Dionysus, further obscuring his original tales.) The developers took this loose foundation and built up their own character, a rebellious young man who wants to escape his father's underworld, tasking the player with battling through an ever-shifting maze of enemies in an attempt to reach the surface.

Creative director Greg Kasavin has worked on writing and implementing the narrative on all four of Supergiant's games, but this is the first one to draw on an existing mythology. He tells me that this narrative foundation first came from the structure of the game they wanted to make.

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Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Skybound cancels all versions of troubled Overkill's The Walking Dead

Skybound Entertainment, which owns the rights to The Walking Dead franchise, has announced that it has terminated its contract with Starbreeze Studios and that all work on Overkills's The Walking Dead will cease.

Overkill's The Walking Dead, much like the developer's Payday series, was designed to evolve and expand over time, through regular content episodes. Unfortunately, the co-op shooter's core was far from impressive when it launched on PC last year, with Eurogamer contributor Vikki Blake calling the experience, "as sluggish and forgettable as the walkers themselves".

Following the game's disastrous launch and lower than expected sales, Starbreeze announced that it was embarking on a cost-cutting drive, and CEO Bo Andersson was fired by the company's board of directors. Then, in January, Starbreeze - reportedly £34 million in debt at the time - confirmed it would be postponing the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 release of Overkill's The Walking Dead, and that the game would no longer launch in February.

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by February 26, 2019 at 03:38PM

Conan Exiles developer Funcom signs deal to make games set in the Dune universe

Conan Exiles developer Funcom has signed a deal to make new games set in Frank Herbert's Dune universe.

According to Funcom's investor announcement, the deal - a partnership with Legendary Studios, a division of Legendary Entertainment, which owns the movie and television rights to Dune - will last six years, and is expected to result in the release of "at least" three new titles across PC and consoles.

Funcom hasn't offered specifics for the majority of titles in the works, but does say that one is an open-world multiplayer game scheduled to enter pre-production at its Oslo studio this year. That suggests something similar to Conan Exiles, just with big worms instead of big dongs.

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Review: Lay's Italian Red Meat Flavor

This Lay's flavor from China presented a somewhat mystifying flavor name in Italian Red Meat (kind of like their excellent Mexican Tomato Chicken). ...

from Snack Reviews
by February 26, 2019 at 01:05PM

Review: Nesquik Gofret

This Nesquik-branded wafer bar offered up three layers of wafers surrounding two white creme layers, with the whole exterior coated with a thin layer of milk chocolate. ...

from Snack Reviews
by February 26, 2019 at 12:41PM

Stardew Valley gets a March release date on Android devices

Eric "ConcernedApe" Barone's phenomenally popular farming and village life sim Stardew Valley will finally be making its way to Android devices on March 14th.

As was the case with Stardew Valley's iOS iteration, which launched last October, Android development is being handled by London-based studio The Secret Police. Its latest endeavour will once again offer the complete single-player Stardew Valley experience (multiplayer is regrettably excluded), plus a range of changes and enhancements to better suit the mobile platform.

There's a new UI, a new menu system, and touch-screen controls, and the Android version will also include all quality of life updates introduced on iOS since that version's launch. There are new virtual joystick options, for instance, alongside pinch-zoom functionality for a better view of your surroundings, plus the ability to save at any time. Android users will also have the option to transfer their PC save data over to their phone.

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Here's what Baptiste, Overwatch's new hero, can do

Blizzard has formally unveiled Overwatch's 30th hero, the previously teased Haitian combat medic, Jean-Baptiste Augustine, AKA Baptiste (aged 32).

Baptiste first shoved a toe into the limelight last week, when Blizzard teased the new character by way of a missive from terrorist organisation Talon. Baptiste's origin story trailer then revealed he became an orphan during the war known as the Omnic Crisis, and fell in with military group the Caribbean Coalition. Eventually, his skills on the battlefield caught the attention of Talon, an organisation Baptiste would go on to desert - all of which brings us more or less to the present, ready for his Overwatch debut.

Despite what his soldier origin story might suggest, in-game Baptiste has all the characteristics of a support-healing hero - albeit one with a more aggressive edge. His primary mode of fire comes via a three-round burst gun known as the Medic SMG, which remains relatively accurate during firefights, despite its recoil. The Medic SMG also features hitscan (which is to say, its bullets have no travel time), making Baptiste the first hitscan support healer in Overwatch.

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There's a new trailer for the Detective Pikachu movie and it still looks kind of great

If you've been struggling with a yawning, photo-realistic-Pokémon-shaped void in your life since last year's reveal of the upcoming live-action Detective Pikachu movie, then struggle no more - a brand-new trailer has now been released, and, yes, it still looks kind of great.

Granted, the new trailer doesn't tell us a whole lot more that we didn't already know, but it does at least spell out the movie's plot for those in the audience that haven't already immersed themselves in pre-production plot synopses and the like.

To summarise, though, Detective Pikachu, much like it did in the 2018 3DS game, follows the exploits of a crime-solving (and also amnesiac) Pokémon - in this case, played by Ryan Reynolds. Eventually, Pikachu crosses paths with the young Tim Goodman (Justice Smith) who, conveniently enough, discovers he has the ability to communicate with his furry friend, and the two embark on an adventure to track down Goodman's kidnapped father, Harry.

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Trials Rising review - a lavish return to form for the series ⠀ ⠀ It is with great pleasure, a brimming heart and the jittery edge of someone whose adrenaline has been depleted over the course of several lat… - from

Trials Rising review - a lavish return to form for the series ⠀ ⠀ It is with great pleasure, a brimming heart and the jittery edge of someone whose adrenaline has been depleted over the course of several lat…

from WitWGARA
February 26, 2019 at 07:49AM

Anthem review - shaken apart by its own identity crisis

We've been here before. In 2012, BioWare released Star Wars: The Old Republic, an online role-playing game modelled closely on World of Warcraft. At the time it was the most expensive video game ever made: a mammoth, high-stakes undertaking in a genre BioWare, which specialises in epic storytelling for a solo player, had no experience of and didn't seem entirely comfortable with. Its fully voiced dialogue and multiple branching storylines clashed awkwardly with the streamlined social play of an online world.

Seven years later, it feels like BioWare's publisher EA has once again directed it into hostile territory with a huge war chest but no map. This time, Destiny is the target, a "loot shooter" that hooked millions of players by bringing the infinite grind and social dynamics of WOW to the first-person shooter. Once again, the genre doesn't seem to play to BioWare's strengths. And once again the studio's answer, Anthem, has snowballed into a colossal, eye-wateringly expensive project that consumed all of BioWare's development teams as it rolled towards last week's release.

The outcome is different, though. The Old Republic was copybook stuff, a studious and polished imitation of Blizzard's game that did little interesting and got little wrong. Anthem takes more risks, is more original - and makes more mistakes. Much more. It seems not just unfinished but only half-started, a game caught in the act of figuring out what it is supposed to be.

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Trials Rising review - a lavish return to form for the series...

Trials Rising review - a lavish return to form for the series

It is with great pleasure, a brimming heart and the jittery edge of someone whose adrenaline has been depleted over the course of several lat…
February 26, 2019 at 07:30AM

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Review: Nestle Crunch Patt!

This version of the Nestle Crunch bar was a mystery until I unwrapped it, as I couldn't read any of the Turkish on the wrapper. ...

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Review: Shirakiku Stone Shape Chocolate

These candies surprised us a bit when we opened the bag, as we've reviewed some other "chocolate rocks" that had irregular, generally jagged shapes, but this one combined those kinds of shapes with curvy ones that didn't look too different from M&M's. ...

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Pokémon Direct tomorrow tipped to reveal Gen 8 games

Nintendo has announced a Pokémon-dedicated Direct broadcast to be shown at 2pm UK time tomorrow, 27th February.

The expectation is this will see the franchise's eighth generation of Pokémon games revealed for the first time. We already know these are due by the end of 2019, exclusively for Nintendo Switch.

It's been three years since the reveal of Gen 7, set within the Hawaii-influenced Alolan region featured in Pokémon Sun and Moon. Those games benefited from a strong sense of location and a set of new regional variants of existing Pokémon - both things we hope to see in Gen 8, too.

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New flavours added to Jelly Belly BeanBoozled Collection

Jelly Belly Candy Company is debuting the 5th edition of the BeanBoozled Collection of jelly beans. The collection includes 20 flavours of jelly beans: 10 are weird and wild flavours that look identical to 10 classic and delicious flavours. Is it tasty Berry Blue, or Toothpaste flavour? Is that Tutti-Fruitti, or Stinky Socks?

The BeanBoozled 5th edition line introduces two new flavour pairings to its daring mix: Dirty Dishwater and its lookalike Birthday Cake, and Stink Bug with its identical partner Toasted Marshmallow.

The 45g Flip-Top Box is available now, while the 100g BeanBoozled Spinner Gift Box and 54g Grab & Go Bag are coming soon. New flavours are inspired by real-world experiences. Dirty Dishwater calls to mind the smell of dirty dishes soaking in soapy water with a hint of a moldy sponge. The Stink Bug flavour brings to life the unmistakable smell emitted by this troublesome insect as a defense mechanism.

BeanBoozled jelly beans are certified OU Kosher, and are free of gelatine, gluten, fat and dairy.

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Zoom around classic Nintendo maps and levels with this website

Calling all nosey Nintendo fans: here's your chance to take a peek behind the scenes of your favourite childhood games, including Majora's Mask, Super Mario Sunshine and Mario Kart Wii. Or some earlier games if that doesn't include you. (not to be confused with the YouTube gaming documentary series) allows users to explore a variety of datamined maps from classic Nintendo games from the comfort of their browser. Simply open the website, select the game you want, and have a poke around the maps to your heart's content.

Along with the retro Nintendo titles, there are a couple of current generation titles such as Mario Odyssey, and some non-Nintendo games, including Sonic Mania, Dark Souls and Banjo-Kazooie. The Dark Souls ones are predictably, well, dark.

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Confirmed: the next Overwatch hero will be Baptiste

It's confirmed: the next new Overwatch hero will be medic Jean-Baptiste Augustin - Baptiste for short - as teased last week.

Blizzard unveiled Baptiste's origin story in a video posted yesterday. It shows his war-torn and orphaned upbringing, fighting for whatever scraps he could, and how alluring a powerful group could be - even a violent and harmful one - to a person in a volatile situation like that. That's how Baptiste joined Talon.

But years down the road, Baptiste's conscience reared up, scrubbing delusion from his eyes until saw Talon for what it clearly was. And he wanted out. That's where we pick him up now: determined to make the world a better place.

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Out of nowhere, Nintendo smartphone game Dragalia Lost now available in UK

We've been waiting a while for Dragalia Lost, Nintendo's latest smartphone game, which was released in Japan and the US last September.

Well surprise! With little fanfare it has popped up this morning here in the UK, available from both the iOS App Store and Google Play.

Dragalia Lost is the work of Japanese mobile developer Cygames and Nintendo itself, and is being marketed as Nintendo's first IP to debut on smart devices.

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Pokémon Go adds Smeargle, details in-game Pokémon Day event

Painter Pokémon Smeargle is finally available in Pokémon Go, several years after the rest of his Johto compatriots.

Smeargle's unique ability to permanently copy an opponent's move has been more or less maintained, by making it randomly appear when you snap AR photos of other Pokémon. It'll then have the moves of the Pokémon you photographed.

Head into the game's recently-added photo mode, snap some shots, and you should soon see Smeargle photobomb one of your pics. Exit the photo gallery and Smeargle will pop up alongside you in-game to click on and capture.

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