Sunday, January 7, 2024

WitWGARA Reacts: Vita Malt? I prank Ecchitenshi ;p

Welcome back to another adventurous journey through different beverages. In this video, we are embarking on a tasting experience with a classic malted drink. The anticipation is high, as we're about to delve into the world of non-alcoholic malted beverages. What does it taste like? Is it reminiscent of O'Doul's, Ovaltine, or something entirely unique? Join us on this taste test adventure to find out. Unveiling the Mystery Let's dive right into the tasting experience. As we open the container and pour the drink into a glass, we can't help but wonder what lies ahead. Will it be a fizzy delight or a disappointing letdown? Our expectations are somewhat shaped by our previous encounters with similar drinks. Appearance and Texture Upon pouring the malted drink, we notice that it has a dark, black hue, similar to a rich cola, such as Coke. The texture is akin to Guinness but without the gritty sediment at the bottom. It's intriguing, but the real adventure lies in the taste. The Aroma The first encounter with this malted drink is its distinctive aroma. It's unlike anything we've experienced before. Describing it proves to be a challenge, as it's an odor that leaves a lot to the imagination. Some might even find it off-putting. One of us draws a parallel to a unique spread popular in Australia, and the comparison is not exactly flattering. The Taste Test Now comes the moment of truth. We take our glasses, raise them, and dive into the first sip. The verdict is mixed, to say the least. It's fizzy and has a certain 'maltiness' to it, as one might expect from a malted drink. However, it deviates from our expectations. Rather than tasting like a vitamin-infused beer, it leans more towards a yeasty flavor. It's as though a brewery and a bakery collided, and this drink is the result. The taste is somewhat bitter, with a pervasive, unpleasant vitamin aftertaste. It also has a certain carbonation that adds an unexpected layer to the experience. One of us likens it to a flat Pepsi, left open and re-carbonated after a year. That might not sound very appetizing, and we concur, it's an acquired taste. A Strange Resemblance Interestingly, we notice that the malted drink shares an uncanny resemblance to Vegemite in terms of smell. Vegemite, a spread popular in Australia, didn't impress us either. It's a unique aroma that can be a bit overwhelming and is not for everyone. Conclusion In the end, the classic malted drink we tried left us with mixed feelings. It's certainly not what we expected, and the combination of yeasty, bitter, and vitamin-like flavors might not be to everyone's taste. If it's an acquired taste, we're still on the fence about acquiring it. Our journey through different beverages continues, and in the next video, we will be venturing into the realm of Asian snacks. Join us as we explore more taste sensations from around the world. Until then, happy tasting! We are Media Creators! Videos, Images/Memes, Audio/Music, Voices. All things Geek & Nerd Culture; from Gaming, Anime, Sci-Fi, Snacks/Drinks/Food, Challenges, Satire/Parodies, How To, and other “Experimental” forms of entertainment! ” Who in the World Gives a Rats @$$! “ It is a way of saying that all of us Geeks, Nerds, and Weirdo’s really don’t care if you give a $#!T or not :p We are going to post what we want, about anything and everything we want (while still conforming to TOS). ^_^ – DARGON We have a great fan base so far! We appreciate all of you! Whether you tell us what you like or what you would like to see us do more of ^_^ You can Help Us Entertain You!! – Please check out our Social Media Profiles: TWITTER ► FACEBOOK ► INSTAGRAM ► – Gaming & Streaming Profiles: Game Jolt ► ► Steam ► – Creators Personal Profiles: DARGON ► Join Us on Discord! ► – Our “Influancer” Profiles: Webfluential ► Social Bluebook ► Search “WitWGARA” on Google FOR MORE!
January 7, 2024 at 07:03PM